Spring, anyone?

Dear winter,

enough is enough. But seriously, I want spring. With all the crazy birds in the morning, bright sunlight at 6 a.m., freezing mornings and hot noons and all that jazz. Oh and the flowers. All the flowers, everywhere! And the rain! All of it together.



the white church

A bit more of city snapshots – this time it is the cold and mighty city of Helsinki. The white church is probably one of it’s most popular visiting places for tourists. It’s no Minas Tirith but still quite nice although I haven’t been in there.

What I really loved in Helsinki was the second hand book stores. I do wish I had more decent pictures of those.

Some cities

So I figured maybe I should bring my camera with me at all times again until I have some nice urban shots. I love the city but being in it every day makes me kinda detached from it’s urban moments of romances. For me the city is more like a colleague, not a true friend. However, some very beautiful photos from blogs like this one are a huge inspiration and I am ready to profess my urban love through the photos again. They probably are going to be b/w – in winter the colors are gone anyways.

Just like you can never step into a river twice the same way, same thing applies to the sea. Especially if you have a different camera, film, season and of course, you are different, too.

And what is going on in these pictures, why do they look 50 years old? Maybe I can forge some important historic documents by using my huge pile of photos.

The Importance Of Light

Since I’ve started with the waters, I might as well go on.

As a passionate lover of sunlight, I’m destined to be depressed this winter since there are maybe a couple of really sunny days in a month. I am rediscovering the importance of light in the pictures and the ways it can be used – this time it’s my oldest lomo camera I bought for 1,5 euros in Finland. I hope to fix my digital camera soon and explore more light. Hope it comes :)

My Life In The Sea

25 December 2011, the Baltic Sea and my unfinished film in the Horizont camera equals this! Reminds me that the Earth is round. And maybe I need to find other things to capture in photos? I have hundreds of sea-related pictures.


Yes, of course it just HAD to happen. More pictures from the super uncomfortable and heavy Horizont camera I borrowed. It’s NOT the best camera to “take with you everywhere”, but still it ended up everywhere I went. It just kinda organically  joined the 4-5 camera crew I always carry around. It is great, of course. I love lomography for making me trying all kinds of cameras I’ve never even knew about before.

And it’s the beautiful Low Tatras, everybody!


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